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crouds demonstrate their range in new EP 'Orange Blood'

German duo crouds have released an electrifying new four-track EP via RFR Records. Andreas Schuller and Jay Nagel joined forces back in 2017, with a common goal to create improvised performances of electronic club music. Four years down the line, and they’re back with some of their most solid work to date. Orange Blood spans four tracks, each completely different from the last.

“No Service” opens things up at the bass-heavy end of the spectrum. Rolling breaks, a splattering of drones and plenty of atmospheric moments make this one an incredibly strong opener. It’s controlled chaos done right — making “No Service” an asset to any DJs collection. “My Mind is a Knife” does a quick 180, taking us in the complete opposite direction. It’s 95% calmer, heavily atmospheric, and borderline emotional. Dominated by ambient undertones, it’s a deep cut that offers a wholly different perspective to the rest of the EP.

“Ruff Stuff” is exactly what it says on the package; it’s rough, raw, no-messing techno. About as straight-forwards as dance music gets, it's techno done properly — just robust, oldskool warehouse music. Memorable melodies and tasteful chords partner perfectly with the relentless bassline to create a timeless track. This one could’ve been made in the 90s, and we would be none the wiser. Don’t be surprised when you’re still hearing this one years down the line — it’ll never get old. “Larking” brings things to a close with seven minutes of early UK Hardcore-influenced breakbeat. Dark, bassy, and slightly robotic, this is a track designed to do some serious damage. More than ready to be unleashed in small room with a big soundsystem, “Larking” is an easy standout on the release. We can’t get enough of this one.

Orange Blood can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

Connect with crouds: Spotify | Facebook | Instagram

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