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TELYKast and Loren Gray team up to deliver summer hit "Nobody To Love"

TELYKast looks to take over the summer with their new single, “Nobody To Love”. The pop and electronic trio consisting of Linus Altman-Kurosaki, Kyle Tonoli, and Trevor Klaiman, has been consistently bringing in remixes and originals perfect for clubs and festivals. This collaboration with Loren Gray takes their classic style to the next level.

Gray’s vocals mixed with the trio’s production create a feel-good and summery new dance single. The production is carried with a strumming guitar in the background and a thumping bass upfront. The bass brings energy to the track and adds the bounce necessary for festivals and clubs. Gray’s vocals and delivery fit perfectly with the beat, as she flows over the drop effortlessly. Lyrically, she touches on dancing away from heartache - a relatable sentiment for many people. All these pieces come together to create a great track, meant to be listened to outside. 

“Nobody To Love” is energetic, relatable, and catchy - everything needed for chart-topping success. TELYKast and Gray’s chemistry is clear with the cohesive sound they’ve created and it will be exciting to watch this song run summer 2021. 

Connect with TELYKast: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Connect with Loren Gray: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify


Dance · Electronic · Pop


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