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RAGS AND RICHES conjur your inner-warrior in "CROSSFIRE"

RAGS AND RICHES have fired their latest cannonball of flames with their new single “CROSSFIRE.” Putting on a disguise for this new pop/rock track, these cowboy-gangsters are bringing a whole new sound with this explosive release. Featuring Cody Morgan, “CROSSFIRE” is a blow torch of heat and gallant energy. The song is about finding your inner-strength and mental willpower in times of diversity and hardships. This is the song that makes you fly out your seat and grab life by the horns. If you're looking for your energy, motivation or musical life coach: these guys are your go to.

The production in this track is composed of gritty guitar riffs that circles among a rocking, metallic soundscape. The rich crunchy production and heavy, booming drums will pound straight through to your heart and charge you up. This really does dynamite all your anxiety away and turn it into power. With the pop element weaving in, there are moments that compliment the energy of the track like electronic whooshes that maximise the buildups and breaks. Somewhat Imagine Dragons esque in its pop/rock nature, the tune cleverly gives rock a modern twist in its instrumentation, adding an even more electrifying feel.

The band shares, “no matter what is weighing on you in the present, or if you feel surrounded by your stress and anxiety, let that be a part of who you are and use that as motivation. This world is yours for the taking.” This song will change your mindset and invigorate your soul.

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Alt-Pop · Rock


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