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Soaky Siren is the "Top Gyal"

Bahamian singer/rapper Soaky Siren is back with something exciting in the form of her new single "Top Gyal." She teams up with producer Jacob Manson for a colorful and energetic song that fuses hip-hop and dancehall in a most unique manner. From the booming synth basslines to the punchy drums that add urgency to Siren's fiery and confident flow, the track showcases an emcee whose only competition is in the mirror. The record sure strays from her sultry melodic single "Too Like Lie" and focuses on her rapping skills.

The record has a self-motivation theme where Siren delivers a crystal clear message to the opposition who might try to get in her way. The verses are littered with swaggering lines that center on her go-getter mentality and self-perseverance to stay at the peak despite the seemingly insurmountable odds. She knows her stuff and whether you love her or not, you will respect her.

"Top Gyal" is the tip of the iceberg and gives listeners a precursor of the dopeness she will bring on her forthcoming EP

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