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The Sunshine State crafts a renewed indie-rock style on “Dating A Drug Dealer”

Indie rock leaning singer/songwriter Skyler Stonestreet, better known as The Sunshine State, returns with her new track “Dating A Drug Dealer.” It’s her third single and a follow-up to the iridescent “Things Changed,” released earlier this year. The Las Vegas-bred, LA-transplant is a breast cancer survivor and her undeniable perseverance has led to a fruitful career behind the scenes. Stonestreet is a prolific songwriter in her own right penning songs for Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber, Dua Lipa, Lennon Stella, and many other mainstream artists.

"Dating A Drug Dealer" is as fresh as a spring breeze. Steeped in a lulling soundscape that’s driven by serene guitars and warm melodies, the track will have listeners lost in reverie in no time. Minimal yet springy synths surround the delicate edges of this airy and soothing gem. Stonestreet’s mellifluous, comforting vocals are paired up with her perceptive lyricism that draws attention to a transitory romantic fling that never had the makings of everlasting. The three-minute effort embraces not only its sparkling sonic coating, but also the underneath layers of its observational storytelling that’s all nestled snugly in a revitalizing alt-pop/rock locality.

“Dating A Drug Dealer” was co-written by Stonestreet, along with Hayley Gene Penner (Lennon Stella, Charlotte Lawrence), and Nick Monson (Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez). Catching up with Stonestreet about the track on email, she shares, "Well the song title is pretty self explanatory... but this song is about a romance that was fleeting and ultimately destructed itself. But for a moment, I was very in the moment with someone who had a lot of secrets that I was ok with him keeping."

"Dating A Drug Dealer" follows the releases of "Things Changed" and her 2020 debut single "Cliff Drive.” More new music from The Sunshine State is set to follow this year.

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