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Happyalone. search for escape on "Let's Run Away"

Cork based alternative band Happyalone. are back and they are showing a more vulnerable side on "Let's Run Away". 

After an extremely busy 2020, with the release of huge singles such as "A Letter to My Mental Health" and "Private Sedative", Happyalone. look to continue to establish themselves at the forefront of alternative rock in Ireland. With their signing to Real Fear Records and a huge collaboration with rock behemoths Bring Me The Horizon in their rear view mirror, the Irish music scene waited with bated breath to see where the Cork trio would take us next. 

"Let's Run Away" is the answer to this question. A more traditional rock song in its instrumentation, this track see's the trio take inspiration from the shoegaze and grunge scenes. Throw some punk pop elements in for a good measure and you have an extremely interesting and sonically different listen for Happyalone. The driving lead guitars that carry this record as well as the rigid and in your face drum pockets create an excellent juxtaposition. The lyrical content on this record is describing a feeling of confusion and love. Staring in the face of uncertainty, we hear the band lament on past decisions and descriptions of their eagerness to leave where they currently are. An excellent vocal performance from lead singer Baxter Robot is encompassed in amazing breakdown toward the end of the record, providing an excellent rise before the drop into the final chorus. 

Happyalone. have been one of the most hotly anticipated bands coming out of the Irish scene at the moment. With a hugely anticipated EP due out this year, it's not a case of if these boys can rise to the top of global alternative music scene but when. 

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