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Take it "EZ" with new track from alt/indie group Brother.

Salt Lake City indie band Brother. have just dropped their tune “EZ.” The four-piece band are known for their knack of making the perfect potion of indie and alternative tunes. "EZ" was birthed over the very memorable, first lockdown of 2020. Inspired by the well known notion that “all you need is three chords and the truth,” Brother. concocted this simple, yet mesmerizingly infectious song, certain to wash away any worries.

Hushed and breathy vocals, dip into a restrained pocket of changed equalisation in the track adding a metallic dynamic, making you appreciate the soft glow over the whole song. There's a vintage sparkle in the song, it's almost like a little time machine of indie vibing. The backing vocals thicken out the echo of the vocals and add a dreamlike pulsing wave of relaxation and peace. With a bittersweet melody that smiles throughout the intro, the band reiterate that as much as we might not want to slow down, at times it’s more productive to rest and chill. “EZ” has a wonderful dopey, lax feel in the drums and tempo, with underlying cloud-light synths and a smooth, warm bass that has a comforting essence floating under the song.

Lockdown brought much angst across the globe, with singer Chuck Emery confiding, “the uncertainty of what the future held threw me into a deep depression with intense anxiety and panic attacks. After months of struggle, I realized the best thing for me was to slow down and take it easy.” The song is about just taking it easy, no pressure, no rush, just take a step back from life, your mind, and take it EZ.

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Alt-Pop · Indie


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