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Kev Brown & J Scienide go back in time on "Orange Julius Landover Mall" [Video]

Kev Brown and J Scienide recently put out their sophomore project Stray From the Pack, packed with deft lyricism and hard-hitting beats. The duo is not yet done and returns with the nostalgia-inducing video for the song "Orange Julius Landover Mall." The dusty sample-driven track is a tribute to the now shut Landover Mall in Maryland and also harks back to emcees that laid the foundation for the art form.

Teaming up with director Kreative71 is a match made in heaven as he helps bring back the good old 80s/90s with the classic fuzz and warped VHS tape effects. He fuses grainy performance shots of the duo with some slick found footage-style aesthetics that will trigger nostalgic emotions. Beyond the nostalgia, though, the track itself is simply another example of what Kev and J do best—unadulterated, no-frills hip-hop.

Check out the visuals for “Orange Julius Landover Mall” and go support Stray From The Pack, on all DSPs here.

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