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Dorothea Paas releases stunning single "Anything Can't Happen"

Ontario, Canada-based songwriter Dorothea Pass cut her teeth performing guitar and vocals for projects including Jennifer Castle, U.S. Girls, and Badge Époque Ensemble. Her upcoming debut album Anything Can't Happen has been years in the making, with the songs transforming through performances at intimate house shows to sold-out venues. The titular track "Anything Can't Happen" showcases Paas' refined folk aesthetic and her artistic growth from singing in a church worship group as a child to discovering the noise and punk scene while attending university.

Warm guitars and bass flood "Anything Can't Happen" and compliment Paas' effortless vocal performance. Lyrically the track focuses on trust in relationships, in the self, and in the future. The track swells with melody and moves from introspection into a euphoric ending that will have any listener putting "Anything Can't Happen" on repeat. 

The accompanying video shows Paas at Niagara Falls, captured in the warmth and nostalgia of film. Speaking on the making of the video, Paas says: "A trip to Niagara Falls offers opportunities for self-exploration and self-obscurity. If the Falls render us insignificant or terrify us, we can remake them into a postcard or a keychain, and take them home. I can connect the video to my interpretation of the lyrics; maybe you will see it the same way as me, or maybe totally differently. I think that’s what is exciting about this open-ended mode of filming."

Be sure to check out Paas' forthcoming album Anything Can't Happen out on Telephone Explosion Records on May 7th.

Connect with Dorothea Paas: Twitter | Instagram | Bandcamp | Facebook


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