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Jesse Gold lets us know that “We Good” [Video]

Toronto musician Jesse Gold has shared a cozy new visual for his single “We Good”—the lead single off his upcoming sophomore EP, due out this spring.


Jesse Gold’s breakout single came in 2020’s “One in a Million”—a smooth, charming acoustic R&B number. Since then, he has made a name for himself as a genre-blending artist that provides a little bit of something for everyone.

For “We Good”, Gold showcases his versatility by providing a bold but laid-back mixture of R&B, pop, hip-hop, and indie rock. This nonchalant single features warm guitars and natural-sounding drums. The rich bass underscores Gold’s silky lead vocals, which range from smooth R&B melodies to rhythmic sections where he almost raps. Topically, Gold meditates upon self-confidence, assuring the listener that everything is under control.

The visual for “We Good”, shot by ThatGoodGraphic, is cozy and intimate. It features Jesse Gold and his friends jamming in a small, warmly lit room. The casually dressed musicians vibe out to the groovy track, giving a self-assured but relaxed performance. The comfortable mood of the video enhances the easygoing mood of the single.

Despite the mellow feel of the song, it is ultimately catchy and engaging. Overall, Gold delivers buttery vocals with much charisma, and his songwriting is clever. “We Good” is the lead single off Gold’s forthcoming sophomore EP, and it is an entertaining teaser for what’s to come.

Connect with Jesse Gold: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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