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Anonymous duo QUINT debut with the fluid "Waterfalls"

Swathed in mysterious anonymity, QUINT make their remarkable debut with "Waterfalls." With a lack of any information or visual representation of the duo, the separation of their visual identity from the music appears an intentional effort, urging all the focus to the music alone.

Splitting the difference between articulate indie pop and sultry, bordering on timeless R&B sits their affable and impressive opening salvo, which more than speaks for itself. Starting out in a tender atmosphere, "Waterfalls" eponymously pulls you in with washed-out textures that imbue a heady sensation of descending into their azure-tinted soundscape.

Dusty drums ignite the heartbeat of the track, shifting the textures to pulse around the head-nodding rhythms. As the vocals spin a relatable yarn on modern love, "Waterfalls" subtly shifts dynamically through its slowly unfolding journey, with grooving bass lines bringing you up for air and adding an intoxicating bite to the otherwise wholly enveloping mood.

"Waterfalls" is available now via Wasted Talent Records.

Connect with QUINT: Instagram | Spotify

Alternative R&B


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