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Jayda G injects massive disco energy into Rhye’s “Black Rain”

There’s always something incredibly special about Rhye remixes and how they take on a whole new life. Last month, Mike Milosh debuted his latest Rhye album called Home. It’s another stunning addition to the discography that shows off Milosh’s skillful ethereal and emotive style. Home taps into the disco-tinged, slinky R&B vibes that make Rhye an easy favorite. Single “Black Rain” is certainly one of those groovy sweet spots on the album. Just when fans thought it couldn’t get any better, Rhye shares a Jayda G remix of the track.

Jayda G has the perfect classic-inspired energy to take “Black Rain” to another level. If you’ve encountered her before in any sense, you’ll recognize that pure fun and dance contagion flowing through this remix. Along with the fun, Milosh points out to press how the track is “bringing the feeling of summertime.” Jayda picks up the pace and adds as much bright piano, soaring strings, and disco percussion as the track can handle. It creates this warmth and carefree nature that definitely captures the summer season while still holding true to the intentions and highlights of the original.

This “Black Rain” remix really has everything going for it—positivity, passion, spirit, and soul. It will have you dancing like Jayda G in no time. Look for the remix out now and check out Rhye’s new album Home if you haven’t yet. It’s available physically and digitally from Rhye’s website

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