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Perri Jones confronts all the "Issues"

NYC-based singer Perri Jones is from R&B royalty, surrounded by music courtesy of her father, OranJuiceJones (of “The Rain” fame). The Houston native soaked up all the influences from her dad and his contemporaries with her own little unique twist which led to her dropping the 2019 debut U.G.L.Y (U Gotta Love Yourself). Not one to be sleeping on her oars, she is now back with a brand new soulful cut titled "Issues" that continues her slew of releases and progression as an artist.

"Issues" has the quintessential R&B vibe that fuses relatable issues, heartfelt singing over silky alluring contemporary production. Armed with a honeyed and commanding vocal tone, Jones engulfs the ears with her unique style and unapologetic lyrics about taking a stand when you sight problems within a relationship. she details her side of the story and shows how internal issues really affect both individuals especially when the blame game becomes the order of the day.

"Issues" is Jones' first release for 2021 and we most likely going to get more music from her. Presently she has two EPs U.G.L.Y  (2019) and Details (2020) under her belt.

Connect with Perri Jones : Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram


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6 months ago

I am really feeling this song.This dong is 🔥🔥 you Are young and your Talented God Bless you in everything you do I hope to be where you are some day