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Dead Slow Hoot share their anthemic new single "Taller Tree"

Alt-indie-come-post-punk four piece Dead Slow Hoot share their punchy new single "Taller Trees". The Sheffield/London-based band sling ferocious guitar lines and a hefty drum beat together to share a single that takes aim at the self-centred nature of human beings.

Laced with poetic lyrics and underscored with powerful percussion, the single transforms from a raucous sounding track to one littered with escapist tendencies. A mixture of alt-rock and post-punk, "Taller Trees" encourages us to work together, informing us all that as a collective we can make difference to the world around us. “Taller Tree is a song about sudden self awareness, recognising the characteristics in yourself that get used habitually as coping mechanisms but deny the agency or involvement of other people," says vocalist Hugo Lynch. "It’s a reflection on selfishness that I wrote on christmas eve 2019. Either that or it’s about the general election result and is just a nice way of saying fuck the tories for four minutes…. (It’s both)”

Drawing parallels to other new post-punk bands on the scene, Dead Slow Hoot's atmospheric additions set them apart from the rest. Using their platform to comment on serious factors of society, the band's frank lyrics are refreshingly abrupt. "Taller Trees" is a track laced with post-punk integrity, a true anthemic single.

Dead Slow Hoot's forthcoming EP is out later this year.

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Indie · Post-Punk · U.K.


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