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Windser's "Real Life" is a reminder of genuine human connection

Windser's second solo song cements his status in the indie world. "Real life" personifies chill, California music in a way that feels so nostalgic.

In a time where we all could use a little humanity, something that binds us all together and makes us feel like we're not alone, Windser's "Real Life" is a welcome change from the cold, dystopian era we just keep cycling in. Gentle guitars and a driving beat bring a soft edge to Windser's effortless voice. It's warm and inviting but not overly done. The real standout is the all-too timely lyrics. Even though the song was written 2 years ago, it feels so relevant right now.

It's like a desperate call for a real kind of love, something we all yearn for, but it's so hard to get a hold of, especially when it feels like everything right now exists on another plane. When will we actually be in real life? 

When he sings, "I just want to love you in real life" it feels like a mantra, something to repeat to manifest into reality. In a recent press release, he says it's meant to celebrate "the moments that make us feel vulnerable and more human." 

After the end of former band Mainland, Jordan Topf created a solo project under his new moniker Windser, named after the street he grew up on. His debut single "July" amassed a million streams in a very short span of time, setting off his new journey.

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