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Blood Cultures continue an unsettling, uproarious run of singles with "Beneath the Moon & Me" [Video]

Nearly a month removed from their previous single "Keeps Bringing Me Back", New Jersey-based Blood Cultures drop their newest visual for the newly released "Beneath the Moon & Me."  

Intense juxtaposition between loud industrial chaos and soft synth-pop is nothing new to Blood Cultures.  Sonically reminiscent of their 2019 single "Dunk on Me" (one of the most striking visuals of the last several years), "Beneath the Moon & Me" maintains an unnerving tone even during its airy melodic breathers.  Never more than a few notes away from complete sonic bedlam, the interplay between this order and chaos is meant to represent the good and bad we find within ourselves.  Requiring an amalgam of light and dark in order to exist fully provides the overarching narrative for the visual.  Included in the visual is a variety of darkly intriguing imagery and a "light at the end of the tunnel" allegorical perspective into life and death.  

Upon revisiting the wildly original Blood Culture's body of work so far, it is easy to find certain themes and patterns that exist throughout.  First among these is the strict adherence to complete anonymity and secrecy in all their work and visuals.  However, due to recent events, Blood Cultures has begun to lift the veil and reveal a connection to their Pakistani heritage and culture.  It is in keeping with the theme of increasing POC representation in the arts and media, that the elusive artist has decided to alter the narrative of the project to fit into his personal journey as an immigrant and a Pakistani-American.  

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