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Zosia reminds us that those we love are never truly lost in “The Alter”

Everybody deals with grief in different ways, but a common comforting thought after a death of a loved one is to believe they are still with us in one form or another. Zosia’s latest single “The Alter” speaks to that very idea. Zosia wrote the song after her family suffered the tragic loss of a baby. Left to cope with unimaginable pain, she stunningly displays the sorrow that comes from loss, but also the solace you take in knowing they are watching over you. She softly sings, “Are you the breath now or salt in the sea? Are you the gravity pulling on me?" The haunting track highlights her wistful vocals sweeping atop a simple piano melody and delicate strings.

Zosia (born Anneke Lada) is recognizable for her lush, cinematic sound cascading over minimalistic arrangements. Her insightful lyrical messages resonate deeply with listeners. With “The Alter”, most of us can connect to those feelings that arise from losing someone close to you especially now with the pandemic. She reveals in a statement, “The song reflects on the idea that death is a necessary process of the natural world because it allows for new growth.” Viewing death from such a profound lens is not an easy thing to do. Zosia beautifully achieves her philosophical sentiment in the single.

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