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Skofee drops new Post Pop remix of hit single “Spiderman”

Kansas born, Los Angeles based alt pop sensation, Skofee, gives a fresh makeover to the green-eyed “Spiderman.” A relatable track which touches on the overwhelming feeling of jealousy, particularly when it comes to exes, Skofee sings of her own experiences through a light-hearted lens. Skofee (whose name derives from her last name Scholfield) was born into a family of musicians. With creativity running through her veins, she always knew that she wanted to use her voice to tell stories and connect with people all around the world. Her honest songwriting doesn't hold back — sharing every detail of her own experiences, "Spiderman" showcases her ability to form deeper connections with people, with candidness being the key. 

In her latest release, she breathes new life into one of her most loved tracks with a little help from Stefan Skarbek AKA “Post Pop.”  Known for his work with the likes of Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Jamiroquai, The Verve, to name a few, Skarbek adds a sprinkling of vibrancy and pizzazz to the intoxicating tune. Oscillating synths, dance-worthy beats and quirky vocal effects create a colorful atmosphere in which you can’t help but lose yourself in.

Skofee shares further meaning on the song, confiding, “Spiders make a lot of people (including myself) squirm, so the spider imagery is meant to communicate how uncomfortable it feels to be overcome with jealousy—to be the one who never got over a breakup when the other party is happily in a new relationship.” We’re all familiar with these conflicting emotions and hearing Skofee say it out loud, makes us feel a little more normal.

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