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ANGE breaks free on "Coming for U"

Spanish-born, Sydney-based R&B singer ANGE has always had a passion for music. So much so, that when she was still only a teenager, ​she moved to Sydney, and started getting her hands into music production, eventually crafting her own material. Releasing a string of singles since 2019, she returns with her first of 2021, the satisfyingly opulent "Coming for U" 

"Coming for U" is a song that depicts a journey of personal growth and discovery after being stifled by external forces. The record is mellow and ripe with warm neo-soul elements, with a dash of hip-hop sensibilities. From the lush Rhodes, ethereal vocal samples to the sparse drum arrangements, and of course, ANGE's silky melodies that permeate the track from all sides. Her performance is quite impassioned on this tune and we hear the sense of urgency in her voice as she steps into her element leaving the past behind her. She reveals in a statement that the song is a self-motivational track about her committing fully to her music and breaking free of imposter syndrome in order to actualize her dreams.

"Coming for U" was co-written and produced by Finbar Stuart from Boomchild, made and recorded in a Newtown bedroom studio. She is currently preparing to release her debut EP later this year.

Connect with ANGE : Soundcloud | Facebook | Spotify | Instagram

Alternative R&B · Indie


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