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'Boys Wear Pearls' is an inspired debut for Nashville's own $avvy

An unassuming hip-hop mecca, Nashville, has had its hands in several rising rap stars over the last several years. $avvy is yet another name to know in this rapidly expanding hip hop scene as his debut EP, Boys Wear Pearls, establishes him as a thoroughly multifaceted artist that can convey a range of emotions.  

There's something deeply charming about a project that knows exactly what it wants to be.  Never trying to do too much, Boys Wear Pearls delivers an almost trademark levity and soul that would make one think that its creator already had multiple full-length projects under his belt.  Enlisting several other rising Nashville creatives including the inimitable Brian BrownChuck Indigo, and A.G. Sully, the project delivers evocative and bouncy rap that is sure to find a home in the heart of any dedicated hip-hop fanatic.

From the mellow synths of "Cannot Do" all the way to the choral melodics of "Zack & Cody", the subtle wit and light-heartedness of $avvy is inescapable.  An early standout track, "Spain," is a mix of extra bouncy, Monte Booker-esque 808s and impeccable vocal delivery that is sure to force your hand to the replay button. "Fallout Boy" functions as a simple, airy pastel of the Nashville artist's charm and unorthodoxy. "Take Our Time" is an afrobeat-reminiscent, danceable cut that feels just as joyful and iridescent as the Nashville artist himself.  "From Me" is perhaps the most definitively Nashville track on the EP, with twangy bass, unconventional synths, and a wholly laidback interplay between $avvy and Brian Brown.  

For a 19-year-old with no prior full length projects, Boys Wear Pearls is a stunningly realized debut that deserves every listen it gets. With an already polished flow and aura, $avvy is sure to see future success as he has the world in front of him and his city behind his back.  

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