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Niambi Ra celebrates "Friday" [Video]

Niambi Ra's newest release, "Friday," is a celebration of the fifth day of the week and echoes the sentiments of TGIF to the fullest. She sure has a good ear for the type of beats that ties into her soulful, earthy brand with this blend of neo-soul, boom-bap with a modern contemporary twist. She reminds us all that happiness is not far-fetched and all we have to do is appreciate the little things that gladden our hearts. From the smooth carefree flow, feel-good melodic vocals, and a bouncy backdrop, Ra crafts a catchy number for that one day of the week we all look forward to.  

The video follows suit with the celebrations, with the singer waking up to her daily routine before a rendezvous with her crew. There are quite a number of motifs used here at the start that signal a change of pace from the solo performance shots of Niambi Ra and the switch towards the end where she convenes with her friends for a night of festivities. The visual style is colorful and bright with an extensive focus on individuals unloading the pressures of life.

Stream "Friday" on Spotify here.

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