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Evans Junior expresses his true emotions on "Fuck Love" [Music Video]

One of Ireland's most consistent artists, Evans Junior, is back with new single, "Fuck Love". Following the release of his debut album Organised Mess back in 2019, Junior continued this run of form into 2020 with the release of two huge singles, "Party" and "Movie". Now in 2021, he looks on to show us a more melodic, emotional, and vulnerable side to his character, starting with "Fuck Love." 

This track sees him sing his heart out over a medley of guitar-swept R&B compositions interwoven with a more easily perceptible trap production, in the pursuit of creating the ultimate anthem for anyone who has lost love or lost trust. Mastering the art of short and impactful experiences, it starts with a soulful intro before developing into a mixture of heartfelt strings and dynamically patterned 808s. This is all intertwined with spearheaded lyricism and conventional pop melodies, all layered perfectly to build the high point of the record which is the catchy, well-delivered chorus—a short burst of energy that will be looping around your head for hours after listening to it. 

Evans Junior has been on the radar for most since his time in the group T.E.D. He continues to evolve himself as a solo performer and his star continues to rise with every release. This single is no exception. We look forward to seeing what Evans Junior has in store for us in 2021. 

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