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Sarah Hemi shares warm new single "Sweet Talker"

New Zealand born musician Sarah Hemi has shared a new single entitled “Sweet Talker”, featuring sora.wav.

Now based in Kyoto, Sarah Hemi is a R&B musician of Maori and Japanese descent. She broke onto the music scene in 2019 with her songs “Fantasy” and “Just Friends", which totalled over 325,000 spotify streams. Recently, she has gained attention her music video for the sentimental R&B jam “A Song You Won’t Hear”. Hemi’s music is laid back and dream-like, often evoking distant memories.

Her new single “Sweet Talker” is carefree and relaxed. Summery guitars play out over soft, organic sounding drums. Underneath, a groovy, easy-going bassline keeps pace. Hemi delivers a smooth, vibrant vocal performance over top of the chilled out instrumental. Next, Sora.wav enters on the second verse, giving a serene vocal performance. Overall, the production is natural sounding and warm, complimenting the mood of the song.

All in all, “Sweet Talker” is a solid release from Sarah Hemi and sora.wav. The singers bring mellow but engaging performances overtop of the cozy instrumental. The song is refreshingly simple without being boring, making for an intimate listening experience.

Connect with Sarah Hemi: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter
Connect with sora.wav: Spotify | Twitter

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