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Pop artist Richie Quake reveals his “Sensitive” side in newest track

Brooklyn, NY-based singer-songwriter-producer Richie Quake shows it’s OK to be “Sensitive” in his newest single. This isn’t uncommon for the artist, who has spilled his heart into his past projects and EPs since 2017 in the form of R&B-infused indie-pop. Today, he slows down a bit in this track, a plea for love and understanding.

Being sensitive might get a bad connotation, but Quake looks at it a little differently, describing the damages of when someone lacks compassion. The track carries a serene melody with the drowsy reverb of bedroom pop nuances. It sounds vintage, but still difficult to attach it to one genre or time period. His dusty vocals match the song title, effortlessly following the serenity of the melody. One will feel like they’re swimming in the production.

Contrary to the beat, the lyrics describe on an unstable relationship. Quake explained the story behind the track, confessing, "‘Sensitive’ is about being in love with someone but still feeling like they don't really understand your needs. This song is basically the conversation that I wish I'd been able to have with her when we were together.”

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5 months ago

love this song