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LOCS Blows the Ceiling off with "No Ceiling"

2021 is the year of the phoenix: coming out of an incredibly challenging year, people around the world are looking to leave the ashes of the pandemic's peak behind and rise up to the future. Atlanta-based rapper, LOCS encapsulates this universal hope in his new single "No Ceilings." With a drum heavy production, LOCS creates a perfect fusion of his distinctive energy and complex lyrics to create an atmosphere uniquely his own. 

Building off of his recent songs, LOCS further develops his signature production combining speaker shaking 808s with an unlikely almost orchestral string overlay. LOCS compounds this production with innately relevant lyrics that can best be described by the artist himself: "When I wrote and produced "No Ceilings," something told me it was special. I made the song in 2020 when the pandemic was hard on everyone, but I knew my worth and it fueled my drive to do better, so the lyrics reflect the mentality of knowing who you are and leveling up whatever you're doing. I hope that when people hear this song, they feel the energy to go out and get things taken care of!"

LOCS seems to only be getting better with every release. By looking at some of his best 2019 singles you can truly see the sonic maturity he's gained in just over a year with singles like "No Ceilings." With new music bound to be coming in 2021, look out for LOCS as he continues to dive into his sound and create much needed songs like "No Ceilings."

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