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Gabrielle B. and Bairi are "Trying to Forget" you

Gabrielle B. and Bairi collaborate on this blazing new release "Trying to Forget." Here, two women reflect on a past love through a graceful voice and dreamy sounds.
Gabrielle B. and Bairi have released a plethora of soulful tracks in the past few years. An almost lullaby-like undertone sets the stage for Gabrielle B.'s angelic voice to soar through the "Trying to Forget." The bass and the guitar strings pierce through the speakers bringing the perfect r&b environment. The juxtaposition between the sweet melody and the punchy light-hearted sounds creates a snappy yet slow-burning vibe. 
Through intense lyricism and evocative songwriting, both of these powerful women smoothly sing courageous heartfelt words that have us craving for more. Press play if you're in the mood for something that will move your heart. 
Connect with Gabrielle B.: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify
Connect with Bairi: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 
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