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Meron T finds the perfect healing mechanism on "Dailyy"

Emerging South London based singer Meron T delivers a captivating performance in her latest genre-fusing tune titled "Dailyy." The singer-songwriter takes elements from neo-Soul, topped off with bossa nova style vocals and contemporary hip-hop sounds. She takes bold liberties in crossing these genres but does so in such a seamless manner to create a listening experience that's equally punchy and sultry at the same time.

"Dailyy" brings to the forefront Meron T's vocal range and her real-life experiences. The song was written during a period where she was transitioning out of a romantic relationship into a platonic friendship. The delicate vocals beautifully capture the emotional turmoil she was going through. To really drive home her thoughts, she taps the talents of producer Sey G who builds a moody, bass-heavy trap-infused instrumental that fits the singer's emotive performance. From the swirling ethereal textures, the pitched-down vocal effects and the sparse but punchy arrangements, Meron T takes the listener through a swirling range of emotions. 

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