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Lucy & La Mer describes life as one big “Rollercoaster” in infectious new single

Los Angeles indie-pop artist Lucy & La Mer is known for her honest and relatable tunes, detailing the ups-and-downs of everyday life. Her latest single “Rollercoast” is yet another example of her autobiographical songwriting, this time touching on relationships in the age of Covid. 

A concoction of swirling synths, colorful melodies and toe-tapping percussion, the beautifully infectious sounds of “Rollercoaster” will be stuck in your head all day long. The track provides a real account of s first-time queer relationship and the earnest attempts at dating through FaceTime calls. When speaking about the inspiration behind the track, she shares, “My first relationship with another woman was a wild ride. I had no idea what I was doing. I learned a lot, especially about how gender norms are deeply instilled in us. But also, I discovered how easy it is to be with someone when you are being 100% yourself.”

Teaming up with LGBTQ influencer and author Haley Faulkner, the fun visuals for “Rollercoaster” take us on a journey. Very real, very raw and very relatable, Lucy juggles her relationship, allowing fans to see her going through every emotion. From silly TikTok dances and online cooking, to the worry and uncertainty of the future, the songwriter covers it all.

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