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Julian Skiboat shows us the rainbows beyond the storm in “Flowers”

Julian Skiboat is blooming this 2021 with his new song “Flowers.” After emerging from a self-hibernation this busy bee is back and flourishing with a powerful message. The track has a dopey, laidback aura with every aspect of the instrumentation standing out in its own right. "Flowers" has a somewhat witty vibe with a transferring rhythm (which conjures you to smile) and charming, wobbly melodies over the jazz-oozed utopia. Skiboat sounds like he's drifting off to space in the midst of recording his trippy vocals, which interestingly brings you back down to earth.

Skiboat has a glaze across all his tunes which makes you feel a little high - sucking you in and instantly relieving your anxiety. “Flowers" has a stronger undertone of sadness compared to his other tracks like “Whiskey” and “Coffee.” The new song narrates the incentive that there is blue beyond the gray, and the world doesn't end when it rains. The San Antonio based artist embodies chill, genre-bending indie/jazz feels reminiscent of Easy Life. The gentle melodies are super easy-listening and addictive in their warmth. Singing, “isn't life something, we’re just two kids growing up,” he explores the feelings of manhood, love and chugging on without judgment.

Skiboat shares, “I think with my upcoming songs and projects I really want to dive into that kind of like 'it could be worse', 'I can make it through this' message.” I find this song hard to not put on repeat and I'm sure you will do too.

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