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thomTide offers up an ode to overthinkers with “flowerField”

San Diego-based creative thomTide releases his newest Winter collection episode with the overwhelmingly powerful “flowerField”.  Building upon his previous Winter releases, the new track signifies a sonic breakthrough.  The slow-burning Winter is nearing its end and the joyous cacophony of Spring is just beginning to emerge from its dormancy.  Capturing indescribable feelings in a way few artists can, thomTide's "flowerField" delivers another stunningly triumphant alt-pop evolution for the enigmatic virtuoso. 

 The excitement and verve of the upcoming seasonal change reaches a fever pitch on “flowerField” as angelic piano riffs and thomTide's distinctive genre-bending falsetto intertwine symbiotically.  The creative explains of the track, "(This episode) was comparing the mind to a flower field, where the soil doesn't discriminate between flowers (pleasant thoughts) and weeds (troubling thoughts). It's kind of like for overthinkers (like me), if you don't communicate outside of yourself, you can get creative about why something in real life is better or worse than it actually is."  Utterly calming and evocative, the track is perhaps the most joyous and hopeful of the entire Winter collection as the chords and lyrics just seem to evoke images of blooming flowers and melting snow.  

With his anticipated Spring collection quickly drawing near, the awe-inspiring artist shifts to a more positively defined approach as his vision and visuals begin to grow even more coherent.  With more than a few tricks up his sleeve for the future, listeners are left wondering just what thomTide is up to and where the next episode of his seasonal sonic drama will take the ear.  

Connect with thomTide: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify | Soundcloud | Website

Alt-Pop · Experimental


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