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Elroy returns for blistering new single “BONES”

Signaling an exciting maturation since his last release, Elroy’s newest single “BONES” is catchy as it is gut wrenching.  The alternative-hip hop artist hailing from Pennsylvania has made waves since his last single “PARASITE” dropped back in December to critical acclaim from blogs and tastemakers.  Switching from the fight against depression and monotony that existed on “PARASITE”, “BONES” finds the moody artist lamenting over the death of a loved one while simultaneously learning to accept his shortcomings and face his pain head-on.

The juxtaposition between pain and acceptance helps Elroy’s music teeter the line between emo-rap and a self-aware hyperpop that emphasizes the push toward mental wellness.  Indicative of this push toward atonement, “BONES” glitters over its scant distortion-infused guitars and infectiously busy drum bounce.   The track builds into an alt-rock-esque anthem that further showcases Elroy’s commitment to standing out distinctly from his peers and blazing his own lane in the quickly rising alt-hip hop scene. 

Elroy clearly has stood out from the rest and created his own lane and his quickly growing fan base is just further evidence of his polished and nuanced sound.  Whatever music that comes next from the multifaceted rising star, with Elroy, rest assured it will be wholly in its own space.  

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Dark Pop · Hip-Hop · Hyperpop · Rap


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