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IMOGEN and Ben Pest release long-awaited collaboration on Earwiggle

A long-awaited collaboration between IMOGEN and Ben Pest has finally arrived on Earwiggle. Their first full release together, Volts is made up of four techno-infused assault weapons; it’s not for the faint hearted. IMOGEN has previously released on Earwiggle as part of the Eel Behaviour series in 2018, and if that’s anything to go by - combined with Pest’s impeccable productions over the past year — we’re in for a major treat.

Title track and opener “Volts” is one to strap yourself in for. Opening with raw analogue techno and quickly descending into bass, breaks and an abundance of wobbles, “Volts” has us absolutely desperate to get back on the dancefloor. It’s heavy duty, dark and unique — what a way to kick things off. Things take an industrial turn in “Gramalkin”; despite being gritty and hard, the duo’s signature sound is not lost in the chaos. Vicious breaks add an extra dimension to the track, staying true to the sounds that we know and love.

“Shibooty” ups the groove to previously unseen levels, with chopped vocals and 909s making the perfect pairing. Throw in some bass-heavy moments contrasted against funk-fuelled melodies and you’re onto a winner; it’s impossible not to dance to this one. “Misjudgement Day” brings the EP to a close with an acid-tinged electro number. One to be appreciated on a proper soundsystem, this one was made for dingy venues, and dingy venues only. It’s twisty, moody, and intensely fun.

Volts can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

Connect with IMOGEN: SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Ben Pest: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

Dance · Electro · Rave · Techno


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