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Farhot link with JuJu Rogers and Nneka on "Check"

Afghanistan born and Germany raised producer/musician Farhot taps the vocal talents of rapper JuJu Rogers and singer Nneka. on his new single "Check." The track is a heavy dose of hip-hop with Farhot crafting a punchy and driving backdrop reflecting the essence of the art form. To bolster it, JuJu Rogers paints a picture of the struggles minorities face every day with his choppy flow while Nneka crowns it with her slightly accented melodic runs.

"Check" is FarHot's final single from his project Kabul Fire Vol 2, the follow up to his first project of the same name. The project is an aural journey of a creative mind dealing with the challenges faced as an Afghan living in western culture in Hamburg, having fled Afghanistan with his family as a young boy in the early 80s, during the Afghan and Soviet war. Although he hasn't been back to his native country since settling in Germany, he was still immersed in the cultural norms because of his strict parents. As a musician, he uses his art to pay homage to his land by sampling various sounds and films to convey his story.

Connect with Farhot: Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram

Connect with Nneka: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with JuJu RogersFacebook  | Instagram

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