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Chino XL and Body Bag Ben showcase lyricism on "Vanilla Sky" [Video]

Chino XL and Body Bag Ben recently teamed up to drop their new single "Vanilla Sky" alongside its visual treatment. Both acts have actually been working hard releasing respective projects in the past few months.

Chino recently dropped the Chino VS Balt EP with producer Balt Getty while Ben and New York producer/rapper Milano Constantine released the Write It In Blood album. The Body Bag Ben-produced track is as heavy as they come with its crunchy drums and ominous vocal chops. Chino XL steps up to bat with his characteristic longwinded flow and detailed lyricism that can reference anything from movies, organic chemistry, and pop culture.

The visual is straight forward with its fast cut scenes, dark psychedelic aesthetics, and performance shots that keep the viewers glued on the duo from start to finish. The tripped-out visuals were directed and edited by DMT Media Brothers who were able to harness the expressive energy exhibited by Chino and Ben on here, all while injecting some perfectly chilling imagery into the affair.

Get "Vanilla Sky" on all digital platforms here.

Connect with Chino XL: Spotify| Twitter| Instagram

Connect with  Body Bag BenSoundcloud | Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

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