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LUMER tear down plausible deniability in incisive new track "Another Day at the Zoo"

LUMER are back with "Another Day at the Zoo". The lead track from their debut EP Disappearing Act typifies their middle finger to the sky, anti-establishment standpoint. Hailing from Yorkshire, the high-octane band are the next along in a rich vein of northern English lewd post-punk artistry.

This raw track really channels LUMER’s societal discontent. The unremitting rhythm of swanky guitar depicts how we go about our daily lives apathetically, whilst fat cats and unrepresentative politicians exploit and the world suffers unknowingly. A storm of mashed vocals and lawless guitar suddenly tears down the structure of the track, illustrating just how close the world is to going up in flames. Alex Evans, lead vocalist shares: "I wrote ‘Another Day at The Zoo’ during a lecture discussing the current state of the world. It’s essentially a list of things that were pissing me off."


Haughty and unapologetic, these infectious characteristics must somewhat explain how LUMER gained such widespread support without having ever released an EP, until now. The band have already nearly sold out their own tour in France and played major slots at Leeds Goldsounds Festival, as well as Left of the Dial in Rotterdam - it is clear to say Disappearing Act has been eagerly anticipated for a while now. Check out the full video for "Another Day at the Zoo" here.

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