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Milano Constantine and Body Bag Ben share gritty bars in the "Jazz Cafe"

Coming off the heels of their grimy lead single "Write It In Blood," the duo of  Milano Constantine and Body Bag Ben continue their verbal onslaught with a brand new track titled "Jazz Cafe."

As the title suggests, the production mirrors the type of music you'd hear at a jazz lounge but this time imagine the setting with hard-core hip-hop lovers. The beat has a smoky, dusty piano riff that immerses itself over the moody backline and lethargic punchy boom-bap drums. This setting is more than perfect for the duo to deliver verbal slaps across the boards. Lines like "The unsung hero wiping coke off the bureau, only gangsta shit like I wrote for De Niro, tell em/ nigga sitting up in Harlem/Extortion, kidnapping find your limbs inside McDonald's" paint a rather grim picture. It also might be a reference to the infamous Donnell Porter kidnapping case in the late 80s, who knows. The track further showcases their shared passion for crafting raw, no-frills hip-hop while putting their pen game on full display.

Get "Jazz Cafe" on Soundcloud.

Connect with  BodyBagBen : Soundcloud | Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Milano Constantine: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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