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Olive Louise admits how "Nothing's The Same" in new single

New York’s soulful alt/pop artist Olive Louise drops her new single "Nothing's The Same." The songwriter takes a look back at her childhood, reminiscing on the little moments which she didn’t realize meant so much to her. From running through vast, open fields, to riding a bike through the neighbourhood, these seemingly small events are actually the ones that stay in the forefront of our most loved memories.

Through a dreamy and celestial lens, the stunning cinematic visuals are like something from a chick flick movie. Dressed in lace, pearls, silk and sparkles, Louise is shimmering with self-confidence and wants the world to see. Reliving some of her favorite memories, we get to see a small glimpse of life as a young Olive Louise.

“Nothing’s The Same” soars with piano-driven melodies and quirky vocal runs. The infectious, vibey song oozes with charisma, emitting a feel-good atmosphere that’ll allow your mind to wander to your fondest childhood memories. This songwriter has a knack for delivering thought-provoking pop bangers and we’re looking forward to seeing what else 2021 had to offer.

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