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Polartropica brings us all together in "All I Have to Do Is Dream"

Polartropica doesn't just create a song. She creates a whole world for her listeners. The LA artist is known for her vibrant blue hair and over-the-top aesthetically perfect performances has a way of transforming anything into her vision.

Her new song, "All I Have To Do Is Dream," is a cover of The Everly Brothers classic, but she puts her spin on it. Polartropica's ethereal vibes translate perfectly to the already-dreamy song, but the reason behind it is what makes Polartropica one of LA's favorite artists.

Polartropica made this song as a reminder to her friends and family that we're all closer than we seem, and even though we're all missing someone, we hope we can all be together soon. COVID hit artists hard, but Polartropica's ability to bring people together in any way she can has been a standout. She says, "This shoegaze rendition of the Everly Brothers classic was my way of coping with my own anxiety, loneliness, and missing my family during quarantine - even as an immigrant from Taiwan, this was one of my dad's favorite songs."

The glistening chorus and her heavenly vocals feel like a warm sense of comfort that we've all craved so much. There's nothing like a classic cover to make you feel nostalgic for things you never knew you'd miss so much.

All of the proceeds from her Bandcamp sales and merch with gorgeous cover art from Lauren YS will go to their Queer BIPOC artist microgrants fund.

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