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Satin Jackets and Tailor "Relapse" on good vibes [Premiere]

Over the years Satin Jackets has become one of the biggest forces in disco house. His lush summery grooves are essential to the genre, and the German producer keeps them steadily coming in the form of remixes and originals. Teaming up with UK singer Tailor, this latest Satin Jackets single is filled with waves of sleek synths and radiant melodies. Along with Tailor’s nostalgic vocals, “Relapse” is that quintessential chilled nu disco tune that soothes your soul.

Despite the serene soundscape, “Relapse” touches on more tumultuous feelings. The track is about a destructive relationship that you can’t help running back to, even over time. Tailor describes it, “Those moments of bliss, excitement and then serenity are fleeting but you‘d rather stay lost than face the reality.” There’s a hazy element to “Relapse” that captures that lost feeling along with the bliss. However, within the misty layers and chord progressions there’s also a sense of optimism and hope. The end result is just lovely.

Satin Jackets will be releasing “Relapse” via Eskimo Recordings. Look to pre-save here before it’s made available on the official February 5 release date.  

Connect with Satin Jackets: Spotify | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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ericvisa, nycdj
ericvisa, nycdj
5 months ago