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Vicky Trantou shares her debut EP, 'Seventeen'

London-born and raised singer/songwriter Vicky Trantou might be green to the industry but on her debut EP, Seventeen, she delivers a body of work equivalent to seasoned acts. Trantou, who started singing at a very young age, found her voice and sound early, and using life experiences as her focal point, she pens relatable and emotive pieces everyone can latch unto. The project which is just three full tracks and a short intro serves as a snapshot of the singer's life and a well-crafted introductory for new listeners.

The intro "Golden" is a raw display of Trantou's vocal strength and range. She really stepped on the gas on this short tune with her commanding vocals over a simple reflective piano arrangement. This is followed by the ethereal sounds of "All about me," where she demands reciprocity from her significant other. The lead single, "I don’t know," is a catchy guitar-driven number that details her being emotionally unavailable due to certain reasons but the other party is just not getting the memo. She paints a picture of an individual who has run out of love to give and has her sights set on finding herself through other means beyond a relationship.  The closer, "Find me," circles back with the somber, melancholic vibe that starts the project. Trantou pours her all and powers through her insecurities with lines like "Had to go through my worst just to find my best" and finishes with a message of hope. It presents a more vulnerable individual who is broken within and seeks some form of validation or maybe closure. On the strength of the vocals and theme, Trantou gives a bit of everything. Sometimes she is sad, lonely, empowered, and even emotionally distant. 

This project besides its brevity is quite a cohesiveness piece and the use of a consistent but shifting mood and energy makes for its easy listening. I recommend it if you are looking for something light on your evening playlist.

Connect with Vicky Trantou: Soundcloud | Facebook 



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