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Micky James stuns with his dynamic show “Live At The Met - The Philadelphia Special”

Celebrated glam rocker Micky James is kicking off the New Year right, with his electrifying rock concert “Live At The Met - The Philadelphia Special”. During this shutdown, venues of all sizes have been hit hard and struggle to stay afloat. This exhilarating show erupting with his unique brand of rowdy rock-n-roll, brings the esteemed venue back to life. Delivering a fiery, passionate performance, the concert gives fans an inside look at what’s next for the spirited artist. An accompanying live EP is set for release early February, which includes his unreleased single “Scars”.

Born and raised in Philly and NYC, James developed a love for theater and from early on fantasized about becoming a performer. Recognized for his 70s-esque sound, his music bursts with gritty, shimmering flair and classic sensibility. Inspired by musical greats like David Bowie and Julian Casablancas, his releases ooze with dark, romanticism. The singer has skillfully merged a fresh, modern feeling with vintage vibes.  James’ reveals in a statement, “I want to take pieces of nostalgia and give it a contemporary twist”. Be sure to check out his dazzling live performance.

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