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almost monday search for the holy grail to "live forever" [Video]

The San Diego trio almost monday are back with some more Golden State energy to follow up to their 2020 debut EP, don't say you're ordinary, delivering "live forever," a fresh single paired with an Oscar-worthy video. 

"live forever" is a fun, upbeat sing-along track that enlists a festival-ready chorus sure to rock stages when live touring returns. The alt-pop cut starts with a verse of nonchalant lyrics over a driving drum beat. Adding in the bass and other elements like piano along the way creating a loaded build-up before diving full force into the chorus with loud and staticky guitar power chords and multi-layered vocals. The impressively catchy song is paired with an arguably even more impressive video, a narrative-based visual that's fit for the big screen. The video follows the band on a journey across the globe in search of the holy grail (and the illustrious promise of eternal youth that it provides). The guy gather clues, artifacts, and end up causing quite a ruckus on their way to immortality. But in the end, nothing lasts forever...or does it?

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Alt-Pop · Alternative


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