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Chris Malinchak pulls the "Cellophane" off another new tune

Building up to the release of his debut album, Chris Malinchak has been spoiling his fans with new music. Not only has the New York based producer been sharing album tracks, his recent releases also include a new EP and singles under his project The Establishment. His latest treat is one that will be featured on the album—it’s a song called “Cellophane.”

Malinchak brings his signature whimsical bliss for “Cellophane” and sets it to a breezy, disco-tinged pace. It’s a track that will leave you craving sunsets and summer fun with all the steamy production and sensual feminine vocals floating around. Unlike some of Chris Malinchak’s other releases that pack punches with thumping kicks and bass, “Cellophane” shows off his gentler and more delicate side. Don’t mistake this as a change in quality though. These soft layered melodies will have you grooving just the same.

Look for “Cellophane” as part of Chris Malinchak’s debut album Night Work, set to release later this year via Ultra Records. Until then, enjoy the new tunes along with Malinchak's candid Instagram Live performances and his show Friday nights on SiriusXM Chill. 

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Chillout · Dance · House · Indie Dance · Pop


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