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Emma Webb reminisces the good times with new folk single “90s Playlist”

Folk pop songstress Emma Webb winds back the clock to some of her favorites memories in her new single “90s Playlist.” A cheerful and buoyant song about friendships and the importance of cherishing those special moments, Webb succeeds in bringing a smile to your face in the new infectious song.

Based in Bristol, UK, Webb’s warm, soulful tones and raw guitar brings to mind the likes of The Corrs and Alanis Morissette. Her use of organic instrumentation and honest songwriting reeps a sense of authenticity, giving us a peak into some of her most vulnerable moments. Webb shares, “My music is all about unconditional love, self love, and discovering what’s really important in life. It’s very honest and all my songs are specifically about something or someone in my life.” Not afraid to share her true feelings, “90s Playlist” is certain to warm even the coldest of hearts.

A music and vocal teacher by day, Webb brings a level of musical sophistication to her sound. Rich in traditional melodies, with a splash of fresh and fun folk, “90s Playlist” is simply beautiful, start to finish.

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6 months ago

Wow love love love this. What a gorgeous voice