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Brent Faiyaz & Tyler, The Creator fly away from love with "Gravity"

Brent Faiyaz and Tyler, the Creator are still straddling with the difficulties of building a meaningful relationship in this latest single "Gravity". The latest DJ Dahi production marks Faiyaz's first sighting of 2021, as the singer is fresh off a hot year after delivering his critically-acclaimed Fuck the World EP. 

"Gravity" features a unique repetitive guitar chord and a grim piano melody that sound foreign for many fans of Faiyaz's previous sound. This release offers a new somber version of him compared to what we heard last year. This time the singer puts on a captivating performance that's still blunt but endlessly sympathetic. 

Faiyaz hits multiple flows on the Flower Boy-esque beat as he depicts his affection for his girl. Tyler comes right in with a smooth closing verse proving it's hard staying grounded when you're G5 living. While the IGOR producer sounds right at home on the song, Faiyaz shining performance in unfamiliar territory makes "Gravity" a bop of a collaboration. This kind-hearted jam is lovable and right on time for Valentine's Day coming up. 

As the year is only beginning, fans can only hope to take the new track as a sign for more Brent Faiyaz material to come. For now, the new song is a satisfying new collab with Tyler, the Creator, and a glimpse of the singer's versatility and limitless potential.

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