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Norii shines on newly released hypnotic single "Exocoetidae"

Based out of California, Norii is a singer known for her incredible range and metaphor ridden lyrics. As a relatively new artist, Norii's immense potential comes out in bunches in her music. From slow melodic singles like "So It Goes" to covers like Norii's performance of "Change", listeners commonly come away shocked by the stunning musical diversity she possesses. She only continues to impress listeners on her newest single "Exocoetidae".

In a nod to the almost fairytale like flying fish known as Exocoetidaes, Norii describes her innate sense of being an outsider. She compares her outcast identity to that of the Exocoetidae's flight, in which she finds herself being able to move past her pain even when she feels like a fish out of water. These deeply personal, yet complex lyrics are quite honestly surprising from such a young artist as you would find these mostly from that of a seasoned one. Her unique synth wave pop production compounds the lyrics bringing listeners right into the trance like state that Norii finds herself going through life in.

Norii seems to truly find her unique style on "Exocoetidae", putting her raw and unique talent on full display. Her dizzying synths and deep lyrics have listeners reaching back for the replay button. 

If "Exocoetidae" is any indication of the raw talent of Norii then listeners should be primed and ready for her three new singles coming out later this year. 

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