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OKAMOTO'S release fiery 2021 debut Young Japanese

Japanese alt-rock outfit OKAMOTO'S have just kicked off their new year with a funky new single "Young Japanese," an infectious anthem of individuality and perseverance. The track follows a stellar year for the four piece band, as 2020 showed the group releasing their first ever greatest hits compilation as well as a new EP Welcome My Friend. With their latest effort, OKAMOTO'S seamlessly fuse funk, alt, and indie for a cutting edge jam that overflows with personality. The instrumental and vocal performances mesh elegantly despite their complexity, as the band is truly the sum of its parts here. 

The song builds up with a hard hitting bassline and staggering guitar riff reminiscent of a mid nineties Red Hot Chili Peppers cut. This is later juxtaposed well with the smooth, angelic hook, whose rich vocal layers bring a special beauty to the proud refrain "We are the young Japanese." As the track progresses, the dynamic instrumental performances begin to weave in and out of each other with fascinating ease; each rhythm can be enjoyed on its own even though it informs the rest. We're also gifted a wildly psychedelic guitar solo near the three minute mark which transitions beautifully into the glorious final reprise of the chorus.

"Young Japanese" is a whirlwind of energy from OKAMOTO'S, who sound as rehearsed and cohesive as ever moving forward in their career of over a decade. It's an absolute powerhouse that is incredibly difficult to ignore, let alone resist the urge to dance to.

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Alternative · Indie · Rock


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