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Trade Secrets' "GLYPHIC" is a spellbinding journey of reflection

Southern California synth-electronic collective Trade Secrets release a hypnotic dance track entitled "GLYPHIC." The single, which is the focus track on their EP THESE OTHER LIVES, narrates the dichotomy that is emotion and the mixed feelings found in all of us. The existential song also contemplates destiny and one's grasp of what is reality. Sonically "GLYPHIC" erupts with colorful rhythms, driving basslines and irresistible, warm vocals. The track can best be described as the cinematic score to a John Hughes meets the Matrix film. With nostalgic 80's influence coupled with a contrasting dark futuristic tone, "GLYPHIC" is a transformative synth-pop experience.

Trade Secrets is led by producer/songwriter F.J. DeSanto who began releasing music in 2015. The current lineup further includes Mike Venezia, Charles LaBarbara, John Kunkel, Peter Riley and Damien Polak. All working remotely, the band bounced production and songwriting ideas back and forth with DeSanto, who further handled the arrangement. The collective succeeded in their goal of creating a more "lush sound" while also maintaining commercial appeal.

Take a listen to Trade Secret's "GLYPHIC" now and contemplate your own existence.

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Electronic · Synth · Synth Pop


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