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Celeste releases new uplifting single "Love is Back"

2020 has been a tough year for us all. We’ve seen everything from lockdowns earlier this year to the deaths of icons like MF DOOM, Kobe, and many others. However, 2021 is upon us and with the rollout of numerous vaccines, the new year looks to be a ray of light in an otherwise dark past few months. Celeste, known for her gorgeous soul songs, reiterates this hopeful new year with her recent single “Love is Back”.

A groove-laden production, reminiscent of retro-soul, Celeste finds herself putting away her classic heartbreakingly world-weary lyrics in songs like “Strange” for a gorgeous single encompassing an enriching and uplifting ambiance. Celeste pairs incredibly, sanguine lyrics with the beautiful backdrop for a truly uplifting single for fans.

Celeste's refreshing sound perfectly encapsulates the 2021 that we're all hoping for. "Love Is Back" is the ideal debut single for her forthcoming album Not Your Music releasing February 25, 2021.

Connect with Celeste: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Spotify

R&B · Soul


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