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Poolfire shares tantalizing alt pop “Raspberry Lips” single

Alt-pop artist Poolfire recently shared his new single “Raspberry Lips.” It’s a follow-up to his debut track, “Got a new guitar today. This one never stays in Tune.” The former single dives into the terrain of hazy, lo-fi rock. However, Poolfire’s latest release feels a bit more modern in the genre unifying landscape and places focus on a drum beat leaning resonance elevated by dreamy synths and crooning vocals.

On “Raspberry Lips,” the Amherst, Massachusetts-based artist blends his proclivity for pop, rock, and alternative for something undeniably energizing. It’s a song that exemplifies the preliminary stages of romance—from the uncertainties to the sheer elation that simultaneously progress together. Expressive lyrics, a lively bass line, and head-bobbing grooves occupy the soundscape on Poolfire’s second release.

Catching up with Poolfire, real name Ben Farrell, over email he shared, "‘Raspberry Lips’ is one of those rare songs that just pumps itself out, start to finish. As soon as I put those dance-y lil snares and claps down, I was like 'oh, this is special'. It gave me that warmth in my stomach, like that feeling of when you didn't realize it, but you're falling in love, and it hits you all at once."

Poolfire is planning to release more music in 2021 along with his debut EP.

Connect with Poolfire: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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